About Us

Caslie & Co is a local business close to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

We specialise in 100% hand poured soy candles, hand rolled polymer clay jewellery and key rings, as well as baby teething necklaces.

We strive to be able to offer our customers the best of the best!
all of our products are either hand poured, hand rolled or hand made! 

Our soy candles are very well known for their strong scent throw and beautiful ambiance it creates in the room. With a varied collection in our candle range available, we aim to accommodate all interests and styles! 

​Our polymer clay jewellery is all 100% hand rolled, and the clay is purchased locally.

Each bead is measured, rolled and a hole put through, individually fired and made into beautiful necklaces, key rings, earrings and key chains!

​Our sensory products are all made using BPA free, 100% food grade silicone beads.

Whilst we are happy with our product and its safety, we strongly recommend that children be supervised at all times when they have our necklaces and  products available to them. 

We hope you enjoy our products!