About Us

Hi, welcome to Caslie & Co!

My name is Casey and I’m a Mum, Wife and an avid maker! I love being creative and finding new ways to bring amazing products to my customers!

I live in Langwarrin in South East Melbourne near the Mornington Peninsula.

I hand pour soy candles and wax melts, and my candles are known for their strong scent throw and how long they last!

I began making candles 4 years ago when I couldn’t find one that was strong. I love nice smells and love being able to smell them throughout my entire house!

And since I love a good dance and fashion, I thought I’d throw polymer clay earrings into the mix! Every earring, necklace or key ring is hand made, right down to the beads, hand rolled, earrings designed, cut, baked and assembled!

I love putting a smile on peoples faces, that’s why I do what I do ❤️

Thank you for supporting my business!