Have you ever read the label on the bottom of any candle you've ever bought?

In Australia, our legislation states that we should have warning labels on the bottom of all of our flammable products, and for good reason. Most people don't even realise its there, so we're going to go over them for you, so you know what you should and shouldn't do:

  • Always burn your candle within sight 
    This is because if, for whatever reason, a fire breaks out, you are able better equipped to handle the situation before any major damage takes place
  • Ensure candles are burnt away from any flammable material
    When burning your candle, it is strongly advised that you burn well clear of any curtains, paper, tea towels, towels, table cloths, or anything else that could potentially catch alight.
  • Keep away from any drafts or vibrations
    Ensure that your candle is burning away from any high wind areas, or where vibrations could cause the candle to fall off the surface it is sitting on
  • Never leave the candle burning unattended
    It is strongly advised that the candle never be burnt unattended, this includes when you leave the house; you want to have a house to come home to!
  • Container may get hot
    If burning your candle for a while, be sure to be cautious of the jar, as flame is burning inside it, like any vessel, it may get hot and take a while to cool as the wax does.
  • Trim your wick
    One of the main queries we get from our clients is that the wick is letting off black smoke, or there is black soot around the inside of the jar. This is because the wick needs to be trimmed. Prior to EVER lighting your candle, the wick must be trimmed to around 1cm, as otherwise the wick will 'mushroom' which when lit, the burnt cotton is what lets off the black smoke.
  • Burning time for your candle
    It is highly recommended that you burn your candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.
  • When to stop burning the candle
    Have you ever heard of a candle jar cracking towards the end? This happens when the candle is burnt too far down, which results in the vessel building up heat and splitting. Caslie & Co recommends that you stop burning your candle when you can see the silver wick base in the bottom of the candle.